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Materials and Sustainability.

We source exquisite leathers from renowned tanneries such as Horween, Tempesti, and Sciarada. These leathers form the foundation of our footwear. Our soles are crafted from super-soft natural Malaysian latex crepe rubber, tapped from rubber trees that will go on to sustainably produce for over 30 years. Even the threads, twine, and laces are manufactured locally by Europe’s premium quality suppliers that help give our shoes a look, feel and smell of something a little bit special.

Minimal Industrialisation.

We keep industrialisation to a minimum. A great example of this present on our Risedale soles, each pair meticulously hand-stitched by a talented group of artisans. It takes an hour to stitch each pair, showing our dedication to quality and the craft of shoe making, ensuring that each pair is made as good as it can be. Our focus remains on letting skilled hands shape every little detail of our shoes, the result is something unique and beautiful in equal measure.

The Meanforme Box


We understand that the first encounter with our shoes begins with the packaging. We want this moment to be special. Before they reach your hands, each pair of Meanforme shoes undergoes a thorough examination, and level of what we call like to call fettling. Our factory finishers lightly brush the uppers and gently stuff the shoes to preserve their shape during transit. We wrap our shoes in three layers of a 55gsm waxed kraft paper. This protective cocoon shields the uppers from any possible marking and ensures that the natural crepe soles remain separate. Every pair finds its home sat in our branded Kraft FSC recycled/recyclable mail order shoe box.

Every detail matters to us—from the craftsmanship of the shoes to the elegance of their presentation.