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Hipswell shares its sole-making method, sidewall stitch attachment, and the closed butt seam apron with Hambleton. The result is a harmonious blend of tradition and contemporary design. Hipswell boasts a single eye tie, which gives a clean and uncluttered facing. An oversized suede collar flap that adds a touch of individuality to this unique boot when worn. The reverse side of the suede plays a role here—as with all Meanformes it covers the removable footbed for added comfort.

Hipswell EMB.

Hipswell EMB elevates our footwear to new heights, combining artistry and meticulous craftsmanship. Hipswell EMB showcases a tri-colour embroidery that adds a new level of handcrafted finishing. The collar flap, meticulously crafted by skilled hands, also features a beautiful hand-sewn edge finish that uses a heavyweight wax twine. Crafted from the sumptuous Castoro reverse suede, Hipswell and its EMB brother look the part.

Hipswell Khaki handmade suede boot crepe sole
Hipswell Maple handmade suede boot crepe sole