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Meanforme shoes are crafted from the most natural of natural elements. Each pair carries the legacy of tradition, craft, and a love for the art of shoemaking.

Footwear Handcraft.

Our commitment to craftsmanship runs deep. We create footwear that embodies a timeless design and look, but remain unique in almost every other way. To help achieve this we source some of Europe’s finest natural materials, from luxurious leathers to supple suede, our components are carefully chosen. Our shoemakers are true artisans, their hands have honed their craft over many years of dedication. These hands can transform raw materials into works of art, paying attention to every curve and contour.

Our inspiration.

Our small, dedicated team in Manchester brings together some of the finest footwear materials from around the world. These elements serve as inspiration for our designers, sparking creativity and leading to some truly unique footwear. We draw inspiration from the practical simplicity of classic shoes and boots that have stood the test of time. Our Portuguese development team adds a touch of magic to the final designs, infusing each pair with craftsmanship and artistry.

The Meanforme Range.