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Our Factory.

Our commitment to quality begins at the heart of our production—the factory:

A Legacy of Craftsmanship:

To bring our shoes to life we partnered with a long-established Portuguese factory that traces its roots back to 1938. Founded by a young Portuguese cobbler, this factory stands as one of the oldest shoe factories in the county of Felgueiras, Northern Portugal. Over the years, this region has flourished, now hosting hundreds of shoe factories.

Efficiency and Sustainability:

The factory is managed by a dedicated and skilled local team, ensuring that each pair made is very much a local team effort. In 2023, the factories efforts were recognized globally when they received the recycled standard certification. This accolade celebrates its tireless work in increasing the use of recycled materials and minimizing harm during production. This commitment extends to our production team, who receive unwavering support from the local workforce. Collaborating with one of the best product development teams we know, we strive to create footwear that marries tradition with innovation, and so do they.